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6 Strategies for Boosting Hotel Fire Safety

6 Strategies for Boosting Hotel Fire Safety
6 Strategies for Boosting Hotel Fire Safety

6 Strategies for Boosting Hotel Fire Safety

Boosting Hotel Fire Safety I have performed numerous fire safety inspections on a variety of commercial properties within the hospitality industry. During my inspections, I observe neglected aspects of fire safety that need immediate attention. In the event of a fire, identifying and resolving these six issues will help ensure the safety of your guests and property.

  1. Test Alarms and Conduct Fire Drills

The most important component of a hotel’s safety system is frequently regarded as its fire alarms. The inhabitants are alerted to a potential threat and the need for evacuation as soon as an alarm sounds. 

Employees should test the fire alarm system on a regular basis, according to hotel management. The control panel can be used to test the majority of systems. Press the button once more to activate the alarms while in “test mode,” which prevents the control panel from calling emergency services.

Other systems might require you to manually set off the alarms by using a master key to open an alarm lever box and depressing a button inside. Keep track of the test results, noting how each activating device responded to the test.

This information will aid a technician in quickly identifying the issue if one or more alarms are malfunctioning. It is advised that you practice a fire drill while testing the alarms. 

Quarterly fire drills for staff should be held by hotel managers as part of the company’s emergency action plan. These sessions are optional for hotel guests to attend. Employees can practice building evacuation during these drills, which also highlight any potential improvement areas in the plan. Regular fire drills should be held at your hotel to ensure everyone’s safety. 


  1. Communicate Your Emergency Action Plan

To guarantee that everyone is aware of the exit routes and the fire emergency procedures in place, hotel management must provide written emergency action plans for employees.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, designated actions that employers and employees must take to ensure their safety during fire emergencies should be covered in emergency action plans.

These include showing visitors the closest exits and assisting those who are in danger to leave the structure. Management needs to ensure all employees understand fire suppression procedures and escape routes to be followed by each location in the hotel. Evacuation route signs also need to be posted by the door in each guestroom. 

Management is required to review the emergency action plan with each employee at specific times, such as when the plan is created, when an employee’s responsibilities change, and when the plan is updated. 


  1. Keep Fire Extinguishers Close

Hotels are required to have extinguishers that can put out small fires involving wood, paper, oils, and gases. The fire extinguishers must be spaced 75 feet apart throughout the structure. Guests are not required to have fire extinguishers in their rooms, but hallway extinguishers should never be more than 75 feet away for easy access. 

 Ensure that your fire extinguishers are within the appropriate weight or gauge limits. This information is located on the label located on the extinguisher’s side. Replace or recharge your fire extinguishers if they do not meet the required levels and after each use. 


  1. Maintain Exit Signs

Maintain the hotel’s exit lighting. Conditions can be chaotic and perplexing during a fire. Smoke can impair vision and make it difficult to navigate your environment. Exit signs that are illuminated increase the likelihood that people will be able to find their way out of the building. 

When electricity is lost, exit signs are designed to automatically switch to backup power. Hotel management must regularly inspect these illuminated signs to ensure their proper operation. Typically, this requires pressing the test button on the side of the sign to ensure that it switches to the standby power source correctly. 


  1. Declutter Walls and Doorways

Hotel managers must ensure that their staff is aware of the quantity of wall-coverings in hallways and guestrooms. High-risk fire zones include large bulletin boards covered in paper, business areas with strewn documents, and entryways with multiple pamphlets advertising nearby activities. A small flame could potentially start an uncontrollable fire in these areas. 

During my inspections, I frequently find emergency exits obstructed by trash and empty boxes. I suggest to management that employees routinely inspect doorways for accessibility. Move any boxes, equipment, or trash from the doorway so that getting to safety quickly is not impeded. 


  1. Hold Regular Inspections

The lights, alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinklers of a hotel should be inspected annually. Numerous hotels neglect their annual maintenance. Neglecting your fire safety system can lead to deteriorating equipment over time. 

After a professional inspection, the inspection company will provide you with a report. The report will include the date of the inspection, the property’s name and address, the type of occupancy, any issues that need to be addressed, the building owner’s contact information, and the names of those who were interviewed during the inspection. You must keep this for at least two years, but I recommend keeping it for five. 


By remembering these fire safety tips, you can make sure that your visitors and property are safer in the event of a fire emergency. Visit to get in touch with us if you ever have any questions about your fire safety system or plan. Our staff is available to help with your inquiry. 

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