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Fire stopping- Important for Saving lives in the event of a Fire… 

Fire stopping- Important for Saving lives in the event of a Fire...
Offering passive and active fire protection services throughout Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and many others…

Fire stopping- Important for Saving lives in the event of a Fire… 

Fire stopping – important for saving lives in the event of a fire. As a crucial aspect of fire protection, fire stopping is essential for keeping people within a building safe. This is especially crucial in the corporate world, as violations of fire safety standards can have serious repercussions for both the company’s reputation and its bottom line. 

Filling cracks and seams between floors and walls with fireproof materials is referred to as “fire stopping.” The purpose of taking these measures is to reduce the rate at which fire can spread from one area of a building to another. 

Fire sleeves 

The purpose of fire stopping technologies is to prevent the spread of fire through building cavities and apertures, which can be compromised by the presence of pipes and wires. Here, fire sleeves come into play. Fire sleeves are utilised to plug and seal the gaps that can form where pipes and cables pass through walls.

The sleeve will expand to occupy the available space in the case of a fire. If there is a plastic pipe, the fire sleeve will crush and close off the pipe, preventing the passage of fire and smoke. Insulated fire sleeves are designed for use on most of the plastic, copper, and steel pipes and often offer up to two hours of fire protection. 

Fire covers 

A fire cover’s job is to put out flames caused by luminaires installed in suspended ceilings that have been given a fire rating. In the event of a fire, a fire cover will expand on the inside, filling any available area with a char that is resistant to fire and provides a high level of insulation. 

Fire collars 

A fire collar is a circular safety device that is wrapped around the bottom of pipes and secured in place. After that, a fire collar may be fastened to a partition made of brick, plasterboard, or concrete. Pipe and cable apertures have the potential to become weakened in the case of a fire, and the fire itself has the potential to have a severe impact on the pipe or cable. The use of a fire collar, which has been fire-tested for up to four hours, has the potential to restore the wall’s original level of resistance. 

Fire sealants and gap fillers 

It does not matter how skilfully a building was constructed; if lines are introduced after the building has already been constructed, the integrity of the building can be compromised. It is possible to compromise safety by constructing on top of anything that has been designed with the greatest possible method for fire protection in mind.

The use of fire sealants and gap fillers becomes necessary at this point. Fillers and sealants can be used to close any penetrations in the building and bring it back up to the level of fire safety it had when it was first constructed. 

The best materials for fire stopping 

When it comes to fire-stopping, you need to make sure that openings for things like cables, beams, pipes, and ducts are kept as small as possible to ensure the highest level of protection for the people who live in a building.

Only then can you be sure that the fire-stopping measures in place provide the maximum level of protection possible. Cement mortar, cement or gypsum-based vermiculite mixes, intumescent mastics, fire shutters and curtains, fire-resistant glass, linear gap closures, cavity barriers, and fire-resistant air transfer grilles are examples of common fire stopping materials. 

When it comes to the use of specific fire-resistant materials, there are a few things that you should constantly keep in mind and always keep in mind. Make it a point to have a qualified individual examine all the conduits, pipes, and cables in order to guarantee that they are risk-free in every possible way.   

Contact a member of our team to discuss the correct materials and application methods for your project.  

The importance of fire stopping 

Suppression of a fire is of the paramount significance since it can very literally save lives. In addition to being a crucial component, fire stopping is important for keeping buildings safe. However, once the fire safety measures have been placed, they will need to be examined on a regular basis by a trained specialist. If you do not do this, you may be in violation of laws regarding fire safety, which may result in legal punishments. This also means that you may be held responsible in the event of a fire if the building you are in catches on fire. 

If you have any questions regarding fire stopping, please get in touch, we’d be happy to help.

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Total Fire Protection Asia Ltd
Total Fire Protection Asia Ltd

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Total Fire Protection Asia Ltd
Total Fire Protection Asia Ltd

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