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Thai FireWatch: Monthly Thailand Fire Tracker

Disclaimer: The fire-related data presented in this tracker is sourced from publicly available information. Please note that the dataset excludes wildfires, and the reported numbers are likely to underestimate the true extent of fires, as not all fire incidents are publicly reported.



Fires recorded publicly in 2023


Provinces affected


Industry sectors affected


Fires Recorded for November

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Suspected electrical faults

Most electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets or worn-out sockets that aren't properly grounded. With age, the wiring behind sockets and outlets wears; the wires loosen over time and can eventually break and cause a fire.

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Cooking Related

Cooking related fires are mainly caused by the following: Leaving your cooking unattended, Frying with oil, setting the cooking temperature too high, and leaving flammable compounds near an open flame or other heating elements

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Unknown or Accidental

These unforeseen fires can occur due to various factors, such as human error, natural phenomena, or other untraceable causes. Unfortunately, unknown and accidental fires often go unnoticed and unaccounted for in official records.

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Vehicle related (inc. EV)

Vehicle fires can result from mechanical problems like engine overheating and fuel leaks, electrical malfunctions, collisions, fuel tank ruptures, improper maintenance, or arson. Regular maintenance and safe handling are keys to prevention.

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Welcome to our advanced Fire Tracker providing real-time fire monitoring and detection to keep communities safe. Our state-of-the-art  Tracker employs cutting-edge technology, to offer precise and timely fire incident tracking. With our Fire Detection System, you can stay informed about fire developments throughout Thailand, ensuring proactive response and environmental fire tracking. Utilizing smart Fire Watch Technology, our platform assesses fire risk and provides critical data. Stay ahead of fire hazards with our comprehensive Fire Mapping and Tracking capabilities, allowing for efficient fire tracking and better fire threat monitoring. Explore our range of fire trackers and embrace a safer tomorrow with our fire safety monitoring solutions.

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No matter your sector, we have you covered for fire prevention / protection installations which include Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Transportation, Aviation, Government and public. We are Thailand and Asia’s new fire safety partner who provides smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions to protect your assets for the future. Fires in Bangkok and Thailand today remain a huge risk causing severe property damage, injuries and loss to life. We all play a role in ensuring fire safety. Don’t wait for it to happen to you when we already have the technology to prevent it.