Compliance software partnership Asia
Compliance software partnership Asia


TFP Asia Ltd. forms a strategic global partnership with Mobiess Ltd. to Enhance Passive and Active fire protection in the Kingdom of Thailand and across southeast Asia.

TFP Asia Ltd. is delighted to announce a significant stride in the realm of passive and Active fire protection solutions here in the Kingdom of Thailand. TFP Asia Ltd., Thailand’s newest smart force in intelligent and comprehensive fire protection solutions, is delighted to unveil our new strategic partnership with Mobiess Ltd., an advanced award-winning software solutions enterprise boasting over five decades of collective experience in delivering cutting-edge Facilities Management solutions. This alliance ushers in a new era for TFP Asia Ltd. as we embark on a transformative journey to reshape the landscape of passive and Active fire protection across this beloved nation and southeast Asia.

The future of fire protection

We have always envisioned a future of setting new standards of excellence in the passive and Active fire protection industries, and our collaboration with Mobiess Ltd. encapsulates that very vision. As we integrate Mobiess Ltd.’s award-winning software solutions into our compliance operations, a remarkable evolution is set in motion—a revolution that will redefine the contours of passive and Active fire protection in The Kingdom of Thailand and southeast Asia.

Fusion of knowledge

The fusion of TFP Asia Ltd.’s profound domain knowledge in passive and Active fire protection systems with Mobiess Ltd.’s technological prowess heralds a formidable partnership. This synergy will empower us to elevate Thailand and southeast Asia into the smart era of fire safety services. By harnessing the cutting-edge technology that Mobiess Ltd. offers, we are poised to optimize our compliance operations, ensuring a surge in efficiency, sustainability, precision, and transparency in passive and Active fire protection maintenance and inspections.

Mobiess Ltd. introduces a unified platform, empowering TFP Asia Ltd. to seamlessly manage our fire protection assets, oversee compliance prerequisites, and access real-time data, all within a centralized ecosystem. This empowerment enables our team to proactively address passive and Active fire safety concerns, detect potential hazards, and expedite the implementation of preventive measures, ultimately curbing the likelihood of fire incidents and elevating the safety division for businesses and communities across Asia.

Smart solutions

TFP Asia Ltd. believes this partnership with Mobiess Ltd. incorporates our commitment to presenting smart solutions and unparalleled service to our clients. Armed with Mobiess Ltd.’s robust software arsenal, we are primed to strengthen our capabilities in monitoring, managing, and maintaining passive and Active fire protection systems, ensuring compliance with the most stringent industry controls and regulations.

Partnering with Mobiess Ltd. reinforces our dedication to continuous innovation and operational optimization, thereby guaranteeing the utmost level of fire protection for the Kingdom of Thailand and southeast Asia.

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With gratitude and anticipation,

Mr Steven Hill

Founder / Director of TFP Asia Ltd