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''Shielding EV Charging Stations Against Fire"

Welcome to TFP Asia, your trusted partner in EV Charging stations Thailand. We provide Active and Passive fire protection solutions for EV charging stations. As the EV transportation market in Thailand accelerates, ensuring the fire safety of the EV charging infrastructure becomes paramount. Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive fire protection solutions for EV charging stations, safeguarding both users and investments.

Smarter, Safer, and sustainable


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Thailand emerged as the leading country, capturing over 75% of the EV sales, followed by Indonesia and Vietnam.

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By 2030 Thailand aims to have EV's account for 30% of it's annual production

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Chinese EV makers have committed to investing $1.44 Billion in setting up production in Thailand.

We Now Provide Fire Protection Solutions for EV Charging Stations.

At TFP Asia , we protect Thailand’s EV charger installations against fire hazards. Our dedicated services provide a robust line of defense for EV charging station setups, ensuring comprehensive fire protection. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and meticulous planning, we take a proactive approach that identifies and mitigates potential fire risks before they happen.

Providing monthly digital audits, continuous thermal monitoring, intelligent fire suppression systems and passive fire protection our solutions are tailored to create a safer and more secure environment for the growth of the EV Eco-system throughout Thailand. With TFP Asia, you’re not just investing in fire protection – you’re investing in people and the future of EV.

EV Charging Stations Thailand

Advanced Fire Protection Solutions for EV Charging Stations in Underground Car Parks

Discover unparalleled fire protection for EV charging stations within underground car parks through our specialised fire protection solutions. We offer a dual approach – utilising active and passive protection.

With advanced thermal sensors and AI algorithms, our active systems provide real-time temperature monitoring, triggering immediate alerts and fire suppression actions. Complementing this, our passive solutions feature fire-resistant materials strategically installed to contain and limit fire spread.

Our solutions redefine safety standards and offer peace of mind to operators, property managers, and developers alike. Explore a new era of fire protection with TFP Asia.


Home-Safe EV Charging

''Extending Fire Protection to Your Doorstep"

At TFP Asia, our commitment to fire protection extends beyond commercial setups to include EV charging stations right in the comfort of your home. We understand the importance of safety in residential environments, and that’s why we can develop specialised solutions to shield your personal EV installation.

Our tailored systems are designed to secure your home’s EV charging experience. With TFP Asia, you’re not just embracing eco-friendly transportation – you’re embracing peace of mind, knowing that your homes safety is our top priority.

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Services we offer

Protecta Passive fire protection products

Mobiess Fire safety compliance software

Fire protection consultations, passive fire safety surveys, training & installations

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Complete your EV fire protection projects with confidence.



Welcome to our comprehensive guide on EV fire protection, dedicated to enhancing the safety of electric vehicles (EVs). As the adoption of electric cars surges, ensuring robust fire safety measures is paramount. Our expert team specializes in developing state-of-the-art EV fire suppression systems and fire prevention solutions. With a keen focus on lithium-ion battery fire safety, we provide cutting-edge technologies and expertise to mitigate EV fire risks effectively. Explore our range of products designed to detect and respond swiftly to potential fire incidents in electric vehicles, adhering to the highest safety standards. Trust us to equip your EV fleet with reliable and advanced fire protection, promoting a secure and sustainable future for electric mobility.

TFP Asia provides a comprehensive range of smart fire safety services throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia,, leveraging the latest technology to become Asia’s first smart fire protection company. Our services include a fully certified range of passive fire protection products

We enhance the fire safety of your existing and ongoing fire safety projects with our SaaS fire compliance software. Our fire software enables you to track and trace any fire potential fire risks and fire protection installations, create audit reports with photographic evidence and prepare remedial works programs to help maintain and protect your businesses and lives from the event of a fire

Providing fusion fire safety for both passive fire protection installations and active fire suppression installations. With the EV market in Thailand growing at a fast rate it’s never been more important to ensure the correct fire prevention when installing EV chargers and charging stations. We work together with you to provide the best EV fire safety solution

No matter your sector, we have you covered for fire prevention / protection installations which include Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Transportation, Aviation, Government and public. We are Thailand and Asia’s new fire safety partner who provides smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions to protect your assets for the future. Fires in Bangkok and Thailand today remain a huge risk causing severe property damage, injuries and loss to life. We all play a role in ensuring fire safety. Don’t wait for it to happen to you when we already have the technology to prevent it.