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TFP Asia & award winning Mobiess Ltd (UK) have partnered together to help safeguard Asia’s future. We are pleased to announce you can now streamline your fire compliance audits & inspections with our seamless mobile data collection software! Instantly generate reports via our web-portal! Maintain an efficient and accurate fire door asset registers, annual inspections, compartmentations and improve compliance. Take a strategic and analytical approach to your fire safety reporting today.

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Welcome to the smart era of Fire Compliance Software Asia.

TFP Asia, a leading provider of comprehensive passive fire protection solutions, is delighted to announce our partnership with Mobiess Ltd, an award winning cutting-edge software solutions company from the UK. This collaboration marks an important milestone for TFP Asia as our compliance operations are now fully powered by Mobiess software, revolutionising the future of fire safety in the Kingdom of Thailand and SE Asia.

Mobiess ltd is a global software solutions company that specializes in providing cutting-edge technology for various industries. With a focus on innovation and client-centricity, Mobiess Ltd offers state-of-the-art software solutions that optimise operations, increase efficiency, and ensure compliance. 

The partnership with Mobiess brings together TFP Asia’s extensive expertise in passive fire protection systems and Mobiess software solutions, resulting in a powerful synergy that will significantly enhance our ability to deliver superior fire safety services. By partnering with Mobiess Ltd’s advanced technology, we can now effectively streamline your fire compliance operations, ensuring increased efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in fire protection maintenance and inspections. 

Fire Compliance Fixed Asset Register

We provide a structured approach to tagging and coding assets, allowing you to treat each door as an individual asset, see the history / survey trail of every door, and build a detailed real time asset register per client and per site. Collect fire door data faster, and with a greater level of consistency and quality.

Reduce the need for error-prone and time-consuming spreadsheets. Take a strategic and analytical approach to your fire door asset management.

Fire Compartmentation Survey

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Fire Compartmentation Surveys are one of the most effective ways of protecting lives and property from the hazard of fireWhilst being a crucial tool for any facilities management team in order to comply with their legally required inspections, they also maximise the safety of the occupants.

Digitise your entire fire compartmentation survey with ease. Record the location and materials of all defects, barrier resistance and provide photographic evidence. Mark up and annotate your photographs and give all parties involved compliance and peace of mind.

Dashboards & Analytics


Our real-time dashboards allow you to view and analyse trends in your data and act on them.View your various types of reports in our web-portal, ranging from a detailed report per fire door, to building based reports displaying the data collected from all fire doors in a specified building.

Advantages of choosing Mobiess for your Fire Compliance Software projects

Streamline your inspection process, save time, organise your data, and eliminate paperwork, all whilst reducing costs

Audits can be stored with photographic evidence and additional notes. Markup and annotate photos to highlight any issues captured during your inspections.

Visit our web-based portal to view performance and trends in your real-time dashboards and automatically generated high-quality reports.

Generate and proactively manage corrective actions. Each corrective action can be logged, scheduled, and managed locally on the device or in the web-portal.

Mobiess Fire Safety utilises offline data collection and secure storage if no 3G/4G/Wi-Fi network are available. No connection? No problem!

Assess, manage, and react quickly to risks and achieve compliance while reducing administration costs.

Fire Door Inspection Software

Treating each individual door as a unique asset record, with a unique reference per door, allows for a more accurate fire door register to be maintained and will ensure accurate data with no duplicates.

As well as being an inexpensive replacement for time-consuming manual methods such as pen and paper, implementing QR Codes / Barcodes onto your Fire Doors and using Mobiess will allow you to retrieve the assets attribute data upon re-inspection (such as: client, building, floor, glazing, height, width, finish to frame and finish to leaf), in a matter of seconds.

Through assigning an inspection to a door by scanning the QR Code/Barcode, this allows you to view it’s history on our web-portal, building up an audit trail and creating an accurate fixed asset register.

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Looking for efficient fire compliance software to ensure your organization meets all fire safety regulations and standards? Our comprehensive fire compliance software offers top-notch solutions for fire prevention, management, and regulatory adherence. Simplify fire code compliance and streamline fire safety management with our innovative fire safety compliance technology. Our platform provides automated fire compliance management tools, enabling easy tracking, reporting, and assessment of fire risks.

Stay compliant with NFPA, OSHA, and other regulations using our reliable fire compliance management tool. Enhance fire safety audits and inspections with our user-friendly fire compliance reporting software. Discover a holistic approach to fire safety and building fire safety compliance software, optimizing your organization’s fire safety practices. Join us in achieving unmatched fire safety with our advanced fire compliance software solutions.

TFP Asia provides a comprehensive range of smart fire safety services throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia,, leveraging the latest technology to become Asia’s first smart fire protection company. Our services include a fully certified range of passive fire protection products

We enhance the fire safety of your existing and ongoing fire safety projects with our SaaS fire compliance software. Our fire software enables you to track and trace any fire potential fire risks and fire protection installations, create audit reports with photographic evidence and prepare remedial works programs to help maintain and protect your businesses and lives from the event of a fire

Providing fusion fire safety for both passive fire protection installations and active fire suppression installations. With the EV market in Thailand growing at a fast rate it’s never been more important to ensure the correct fire prevention when installing EV chargers and charging stations. We work together with you to provide the best EV fire safety solution

No matter your sector, we have you covered for fire prevention / protection installations which include Construction, Hospitality, Retail, Industrial, Transportation, Aviation, Government and public. We are Thailand and Asia’s new fire safety partner who provides smarter, safer and more sustainable solutions to protect your assets for the future. Fires in Bangkok and Thailand today remain a huge risk causing severe property damage, injuries and loss to life. We all play a role in ensuring fire safety. Don’t wait for it to happen to you when we already have the technology to prevent it.